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Information on Data Management | Data Protection

What is the purpose of the following information on data management?

The following information on data management is prepared in order to comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) on the basis of the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.
NATVIC LLP  (NATVIC Kft.) (location: 1068 Budapest, Szondi street, 98, 2nd floor, 10) acting as a data manager undertakes to fully and unconditionally fulfill the provisions of relevant legal norms and established legal decisions and regulations of the European Union.
The goal of NATVIC LLP is the lawful and honest management of the interested persons’ personal data. Information on data management also serves this purpose, so that individuals can see how their personal data is collected, used, viewed and to which extent personal data is managed or will be managed.
NATVIC LLP reserves the right to make changes to this information at any time.

 1. Name and location of the data manager, the terms

Information on data management: The owner of the website is NATVIC LLP, which enjoys its rights regarding the web page or online store, this information on data management, and web page. 
Name of the data manager: NATVIC Kft. (NATVIC LLP)
Location: 1068 Budapest, 98 Szondi Street, 2nd floor, 10
Number in the Register of companies and firms: 01-09-294470
Registered at the Capital Registry Court
Tax number: 25886173-2-42
Phone: +36 30 456 6666

 The terms in the information on data management have the following meaning:
data management: any operation or set of operations performed on personal data or data files automatically or non-automatically, for example, by collecting, recording, organizing, dismembering, converting or altering, requesting, reviewing, using, publishing and transmitting, disclosing, or making otherwise accessible, which includes negotiating or linking, limiting, or deleting of data.
data manager: a natural or a legal person, a body of state power, a representative, an agency or any other body that independently or collectively determines the purposes and means of personal data management.
personal data or the data: any information related to already identified or identifiable natural person ("interested person"); the identifiable natural person is the individual who can be directly or indirectly identified on the basis of one or more factors, in particular some identifier, for example name, number, location data, online identifier (social network account), or on the basis of factors related to the physical, genetic, spiritual, economic, cultural or social identity of a natural person.
data processor: a natural or legal person, a public authority, a representative, an agency or a service provider which administers and maintains personal data on behalf of the data manager.
an interested person: a natural person providing personal data or whose personal data is available to NATVIC LLP.
a user: a visitor to a web page, a natural person who visits the web page, browses the content of the web page, purchases in the online store, subscribes to the newsletter of the web page and voluntarily provides personal information to NATVIC LLP.
external service provider: third parties service providers (independent service providers) involved, directly or indirectly, by the data manager or web page admin to provide separate services, they have or may have access to personal data in order to provide services or can transmit personal data to NATVIC LLP. External service providers are the ones who do not co-operate with either NATVIC LLP or with service administrators, but through their access to the Main Page data on interested persons is collected, which either alone or associated with other data, may be suitable for the interested person’s identification. When providing services on the organization and hosting of web sites, NATVIC LLP considers the interested person from the point of view of the data management activities performed by it on hosting server site.

 2. What data is collected by the web page?

In order to provide, register purchases in the online store, conclude an agreement and properly deliver items and products to the customer, we request and collect data from the buyers of the online store. Visiting a web page and an online store and browsing their content can also be done without purchases, but visitors need to accept the Rules for the use of identification files, that is, cookies. To carry out purchases and / or to subscribe to the newsletter, it is also necessary to adopt the Information Policy on Data Protection.

3. Data management when using a web page / online store, Cookie usage rules 

 In order to make purchases in the online store, improve the user-optimized service, enhance user experience and interact with users, the data manager places a small data file on the computer, the so-called Cookie file.
At the data manager's website, you can now find cookies of the following types:
 - To facilitate the use of the web page, we use, for example, cookie files that help make purchases by interested visitors. With their help, the system remembers which items, products were in the shopping basket or what data was provided when purchasing.
 - For the appropriate performance and efficient operation of the web page are used cookies that make  possible to achieve certain functions. Such cookies are required, for example, to log in by already registered users.
 - On the website, we use the Google Analytics service by Google LLC, on the basis of which Google uses cookies to analyze the usage and visiting of the website. More about data management by Google Analytics data you can find at:
The data manager uses the Google AdWords service by Google LLC for the purpose of marketing and personalized advertising activities.
If you do not want to use cookies, you can at any time block them in a web browser or by other means. For this, there is usually an option in the menu of presets of tools / settings of browser programs. However, blocking the use of cookies may restrict certain functions of the web page / online store and it is possible that some services will not be available due to this.

4. What data is used and processed?

Data management when making use of the online store:
The interested user’s personal data is received directly from the interested user.
To use the online store and purchase from it the following personal data is managed:
 - First Name, Last Name
 - Company name (optional, it is necessary if you would like to request an invoice for the company)
 - Email address (E-mail)
 - Phone number
 - Delivery address: country, postal code, city, street, house number
 - Billing address: country, postal code, city, street, house number
 - Purchasing data (information about purchases).
For returning customers, it is possible to create your own box (personal account), for which you must enter your e-mail address (e-mail) and password when you log in after registration.
Data management for the direct conclusion of transactions and business conduction: 
The interested user’s personal data is received directly from the interested user.
If the interested person agrees that in order to directly conclude transactions and conduct business, we systematically send newsletter and promo to the interested user, the following personal data is managed: 
 - First Name, Last Name
 - Email address (E-mail) 

5. Legal basis for data management 

 According to the abovementioned, the data manager processes the interested person’s personal data partly based on the informed consent of the interested user and / or the buyer as an interested freely identifiable person, and, aiming at making purchases in the online store, on the basis of a legal obligation (paragraph (1 ) a) ill. b of Article 6 of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations).
Data transmission for data processors, defined in information on data management, can be carried out without the special consent of the interested client. The disclosure of personal data to a third party or to the authorities, unless the legal norm otherwise controls, is possible solely on the basis of a formal decision that has entered into legal force or in the case of a prior, clearly expressed consent of the interested buyer.
When a visitor or a user of a website enters separate home (start) pages the data manager, taking into account the legitimate interests of the data manager and ensuring the provision of services in accordance with the law, in order to prevent illegal use and filtering of illegal content, records IP-address (Internet protocol address) of the visitor without the special consent of the visitor. 
Anyone indicating their data on the web page, e-mail address and other data specified during  registration (for example, name, password), takes responsibility for exclusive using the indicated e-mail address or data indicated by him. Taking this responsibility into account, any responsibility related to entries at the specified email address and / or data is solely the responsibility of the user who registered the email address and indicated the data.
The legal basis for the provision of personal data is the voluntary consent of the interested person based on § 13 / A of the Law on Certain Issues of Electronic Commercial Services, as well as matters related to the Information Society (Eker. Tv.), and paragraph (2) of § 169 of the Law on accounting (Számv. tv.),
 - username: consent
 - e-mail address (e-mail): consent
 - password: consent
 - last name, first name: necessary for the performance of the contract / legal duty
 - phone number: required for contract execution / agreement
 - delivery address: country, postal code, city, street, house number: necessary for the performance of the contract
 - billing address: country, postal code, city, street, house number: required for contract execution / legal duty
 - bank account number: consent / legal duty, appears only when making bank transactions
 - purchase data (purchase information): required for the performance of the contract
We ask the user of the web page and the interested person to take into account that if they do not provide (do not indicate) all the necessary data needed to conclude an agreement in an online store or are based on a legal norm, it is possible that the data manager will not be able to conclude an agreement with the user or will not be able to execute it.
The legal basis for the provision of personal data
 - First name, Last name: consent
 - E-mail address: consent

6. The purpose of data management

The purpose of collection of an interested person’s data can be classified into four main categories:
 - On the website and in the online store, cookie files are used to ensure the best possible experience when purchasing.
 - In the context of personal data management, the provision of personal data of the interested buyer is necessary in order to execute the purchase process and the related contract from the online store.
 - If the user as an interested buyer unequivocally declares that he/she agrees that we send him/her an interested newsletter or other notifications, then we will do this using the data provided by the interested person. However, an interested buyer at any time can cancel a subscription to these newsletters. This can be done by informing us in any accessible way that he/she does not want to receive more newsletters and notifications from us, or simply refuse to receive the newsletter by clicking on the subscription cancellation link.
 - The user, the interested person has the opportunity to express his / her remarks and opinion on the content of the online store. 

7. Persons who can learn data and get acquainted with the data, personal data transmission, data processing:

The personal data of an interested person is available in amount necessary for the fulfillment of tasks by data managers and third persons acting on behalf of the data manager, in particular to organizations that are in contractual relations with the data manager .
NATVIC LLP  uses the services of authorized data processors to carry out its activities. Data processors can not stand the independent decision, they are authorized to act exclusively according to contracts and instructions. website uses the services of the following data processors:

 • NATVIC Kft. (1068 Budapest, Szondi Street, 98, 2nd floor, 10)
 • MKB Bank Zrt. (1056 Budapest, Váci Street, 38)
 • Web server Hosting Company
 • PayPal (Europe) S.à Cie, S.C.A. (Commercial Register of Luxembourg Companies B 118 349)
NATVIC LLP uses the services of external service providers, NATVIC LLP cooperates with these external service providers.
The guide on personal data administered and serviced in the systems of external service providers is indicated in data protection regulations for external service providers. NATVIC LLP does everything in its power to ensure that the external service provider, having received personal data, acts in accordance with legal norms and uses it exclusively for the purposes specified by the interested person or the below mentioned information on data management.
NATVIC LLP informs interested persons about the data transmission to external service providers in the framework of the information instruction on data protection.
External Service Providers:
 • Magyar Posta Zrt. (1191 Budapest, Üllői ut, 114-116)
 • Facebook (Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland)
 • Google LLC (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA - CA 94043, United States of America)
 • Microsoft Corporation (One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington - WA 98052-7329, USA)

The data manager declares that he uses the services of such data processors only that provide adequate guarantees regarding the compliance of data management with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and adequately safeguard the interests and rights of the interested person, preserving interested person’s personal data.
Personal data of interested persons on the website can also be used for statistical and research purposes, exclusively in an anonymous way.
NATVIC LLP takes all necessary measures to ensure that the personal data of interested persons is protected, paying special attention to the protection of data from the unauthorized use of data, alteration, transmission, disclosure, erasure or destruction of data, and from making data inaccessible due to changes of the applied machinery.
Personal data of interested persons in certain cases specified and established in the legal norm can be issued also to the court, prosecutor's office, investigative bodies and bodies controlling offenses.

8. Duration of data management and data storage 

We administer and process the personal data of the interested person over the period necessary for the implementation of data management purposes.
In the case of several purchases made in the online store, the personal data manager administers and processes personal data within 1 year, counted from the last purchase, except when, based on the legal obligation, this data should be administered further.
If data management arises on the basis of the duty prescribed by the law, then we administer and process the data until the time limit prescribed by the law.
If data management is based on the consent of the interested person, we administer and process the data before its cancellation. In this case, the interested user at any time has the right to cancel his\her consent without justification and ask to delete the data.
The way of data storage is electronic.

9. Rights of the interested user, the buyer in connection with data management

The interested person with respect to his/her personal data has the following rights:
He/she can have access, request information about the management of his/her personal data.
On the basis of this, the data manager informs the interested person about exactly what data regarding him/her are administered and processed.
In the case specified in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the interested person has the right to move data.
The interested person has the right to receive personal data at the disposal of the data manager in a dismembered, widely used, machine-readable format, and transfer this data to another data manager if:
data management is based on the consent of the interested person or on the contract concluded between the data manager and the interested person,
data management is automatically controlled.
The interested person can ask for corrections of his/her personal data if it is inaccurate. We recommend in all cases, without delay, to notify us if the data stored by the data manager has been changed or is no longer relevant.
The interested person can request to delete his/her personal data if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was administered and processed, if he/she cancels his/her consent and data management no longer has a legal basis if the data was managed and processed illegally or if the data should be deleted on the basis of the obligation prescribed by the relevant law. The right to delete is not applied in cases prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The interested person may request limitations on data management,
 - if he/she disputes the accuracy of personal data,
 - if data management is illegal, and the interested person does not want to delete data;
 - if data manager no longer needs personal data for the purposes of data management, but the interested person needs them for presentation, implementation or protection of his/her legal claims.
 - The interested person has the right at any time to protest against the management of personal data based on point (e) or (f) of paragraph (1) Article 6 of the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR), including a pre-registered the interested person’s account based on these provisions. If personal data is managed in order to directly conclude transactions and conduct business, the interested person has the right at any time to protest against the management of his/her personal data related to this purpose, including account creation, if this is related to the direct conclusion of transactions and business management. In this case, the interested person can no longer use personal data for these purposes.
In case of violation of the rights related to data administration and data management, the interested person can apply to the authorities or to the court.

 10. Appeals

In case of violation of the above rights, the interested person has the right to apply to the data manager with an appeal using contact details indicated in paragraph 1.
The data manager is obliged to review the case in the shortest possible time, no longer than 30 days from the filing of the application of appeal, and in a generally understandable form, at the request of the interested person to provide information in writing.
In case of violation of the above-mentioned rights, the interested person has the right to appeal also to the National Directorate for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, alley of Szilágyi Erzsébet, 22 / c, phone: +36 1-391-1400, fax: +36 1-391-1410, email:
In case of violation of rights, the interested person has the right to apply to the competent court at the place of (permanent) residence and demand compensation for losses or compensation for moral damage.

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